Shipley Country Park - Up Shipley Hill
w/e 01 March 2009
All this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490


March 1st of course is St. David's Day, Patron Saint of Wales. Daffodils are another icon associated with both the day and the country but if this part of England's East Midlands were to be relied upon for supplying the flowers for the day, then I'm afraid they would be in short supply this year. The coldest winter for ten years and the recent snowfall mean that Spring will probably be a little late this year in these parts. Our walk up Shipley Hill in the Country Park brought sight of only three daffodils actually in bloom although there will surely be many more in the weeks to come.
Derby Lodge Garden

Snowdrops on the other hand are a different story altogether and in the garden at Derby Lodge there is just a promise of what lies ahead further up the hill.
Beggars Walk

Following the path up the hill past the sign for Beggars Walk the snowdrops are already becoming more abundant. Beggars Walk is up the rough steps on the right.
Snowdrops Galore

People travel for miles to various places paying good money to see these pretty little flowers - we've done it ourselves in the past - but these are nearly as plentiful as those in more well-known places and these are free gratis to view. Don't tell anyone though or the authorities may start charging an entrance fee to the park especially in these recessionary times!
Snowdrops Close Up

It's almost obligatory when photographing snowdrops to take a close up so here's one for you to study. There are many different species of the flower, some are pure white and others have a green marking. I'll let the botanists among you determine the exact species shown here.
First Blossom

The first blossom of the season is also starting to come out on Shipley Hill so although Spring MAY be a little late this year, the signs are there. It's definitely on the way.

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