Shipley Country Park - From The Lake To The Pond
w/e 28 September 2003

Across Shipley Lake

After last week's visit to Alton Towers, we thought it only right to give the theme park on our own doorstep, the American Adventure, a passing glance. So looking towards Ilkeston - the tower of St Mary's Church is visible just right of centre on the horizon - from Shipley Hill, the steelwork of the white knuckle rides can be seen on both sides of Shipley Lake.
Shipley Hall Site

The "passing glance" was enough so turning our backs on the theme park, we walked through the trees to the site of Shipley Hall. The hall was demolished in 1943 due to mining subsidence. Much of the land that now forms the Country Park was owned by the Miller Mundy family. The family moved out in 1922 and both the hall and the grounds were neglected for over 20 years.

Many well established trees survived though and the park, now owned by the Derbyshire County Council is once again well maintained. It is always a pleasant place to visit throughout the year but especially at this time of year when the leaves start to take on their autumn colours.
Derby Lodge

Although the hall was demolished, two lodges remain. This one called Derby Lodge, also beginning to show its seasonal colours, now opens its doors as a tea room to the visiting public.
By Shipley Lane

 This area of the East Midlands is on the Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire coalfield and much of Shipley Country Park is on land reclaimed from the mining industry to form a new landscape. Here by the side of Shipley Lane, about twenty Canada Geese had forsaken Osborne's Pond to take up squatter's rights on the rolling grassland. The park is now a peaceful and tranquil place even though urban areas such as Marlpool seen here above the trees are never very far away.
Osborne's Pond

But once you are down by Osborne's Pond, perhaps with a fishing rod in hand, urbanity disappears and you could easily get lost in your own thoughts about the wonders of creation.

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