Mapperley - Through Mapperley Wood
w/e 24 February 2019
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

With temperatures in the mid teens Celsius and a clear sky you could be forgiven for thinking it was late spring or early summer but the absence of leaves on the trees confirm that the pictures below were all taken on a short walk through Mapperley Wood on a mild afternoon in late February. And to think this time last year we were in the grip of the "Beast from the East".

Slack Road

We set off from the middle of Mapperley Village along Coronation Road which leads through a stretch of road called The Old Builders Yard to Slack Road. I remember this road from the 1960s when this was mining country and heavy lorries laden with coal used the road, coal slack covering not only the road. but also many of the adjacent fields.
In Mapperley Wood

We turned off Slack Road and descended a gentle slope into Mapperley Wood.

At the bottom of the slope are two footbridges crossing water courses that both eventually feed into the Nutbrook Canal.
Water Course

We crossed the bridges - this is the view from the first - and continued along the track around the edge of the wood.
To The Hide

To the left of the track we had been following a fence marks the boundary of Derbyshire Wildlife Trust's Mapperley Wood Nature Reserve and there are several access points into the Reserve. We chose this one which passes a notice board and leads to a bird hide at Mapperley Pond.
Mapperley Pond

The hide was locked but this view from the platform where it stands of part of the pond is indicative of the relatively dry conditions experienced this winter. The pond is fed from the overflow channel of Mapperley Reservoir.
Uneven Path

We returned from the hide to the notice board and turned left to follow an uneven footpath crossed by many tree roots which runs parallel to the track we had been following around the edge of the wood noticing on the way many bird boxes on the trees.
Nature Reserve

Even in the shade of the trees it was still pleasantly warm as we progressed through the wood with the sun streaming down through the branches.
Access Gate

The path took us to the gate at Shipley Lane with the car park at the Mapperley end of Shipley Country Park just beyond.
Mapperley Reservoir

Dazzled by the sun reflecting off the Reservoir we turned left and followed Shipley Lane back up into the village to complete the circuit of about one and a quarter miles. By no means a long walk but a pleasant outing on a mild February afternoon.

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