Ilkeston - This Looks Familiar
w/e 18 January 2015
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

It's inevitable when you've been walking and photographing the footpaths and the landscapes in the same area for a number of years that some repetition occurs and having reached that point we decided this week to follow a route we covered in different conditions back in 2010. It is not only for that reason that these images may appear familiar but also because I tried to take similar shots from the same places as previously. For comparison see the original Snow, Snow Snow page from December 2010.

Recreation Ground

We have walked parts of this route both before and after that snowy walk but this is the first time we have completed the whole route since that cold December day. We again walked from the Market Place down Pimlico and West End Drive and paused by the side of the Recreation Ground for this first picture. Apart from the absence of snow and children sledging the main differences from earlier appear to be that lights have been installed at the edge of the path and the cricket screen is now in the shot.
Golf Course

We continued past the Rec to the Pewit Golf Course. The slopes in 2010 were also covered by children sledging but although there was a touch of frost, this time it was only golfers who were out on the course.
Muddy Track

Some flood prevention work is nearing completion and this has entailed some heavy vehicles using the track at the side of the golf course, turning it into a muddy quagmire in parts. When the flood work is completed the track will be resurfaced and a pile of hardcore is visible on the right of the picture. Beyond that point the resurfacing work has already been carried out but to reach that point the better option is to walk on the grass.
Pewit Carr

We followed the track to join the Nutbrook Trail and turned right to walk along it towards Shipley and Heanor, stopping at the entrance to Pewit Carr to repeat this shot of the bridge. The bridge itself and the post with information about the National Cycle Network look just the same but there is a lot more leaf on the surrounding vegetation than back in December 2010.
Manner Floods

The nearby seat is still there but despite the low temperatures it was not cold enough for ice to form on Manner Floods. It was cold enough however for the anglers to take shelter in a tent whilst pursuing their hobby.
Nutbrook Trail

The Nut BrookOld Railway BridgeI don't know whether it was down to the flood prevention works but the waters in the Nut Brook (left) were flowing at a greater rate than seen for many a long year. After passing under the old railway bridge (right) we continued along the Nutbrook Trail towards Shipley. Our snow walk had been hard work along here but a brisk walk under a weak winter sun soon warmed us up this time.
Solitary Tree

Despite over four years growth the solitary tree at the side of the Trail did not seem any bigger but part of the adjacent fence has now gone missing.
Shipley View

Heanor RoadAs with the previous walk, we met several people walking in the opposite direction on the Nutbrook Trail and as we reached the Shipley View estate there were some children on the play equipment. It was here last time that we left the trail as the snow began to fall again. We also left the Trail again near here but followed a different path into the estate and walked through the maze of streets and passages to eventually reach Heanor Road. True to form the weather changed as we walked down Heanor Road (right) and it began to rain and there was even a flake or two of snow in it. So like before we caught a bus and headed home for a warming drink.

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