Ilkeston - Man (& dog) About Town
w/e 12 August 2012
All this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

When we look back to years gone by, we always seem to recall wonderful summer weather but we all know too that's not always been the case. This last week though we've enjoyed some of those idyllic summer days that stick in our memories so easily.

'Illy 'Oleys

Most days we're out dog-walking and there are several routes we like to follow. On Thursday morning we set out for our daily constitutional before the sun rose too high across 'Illy 'Oleys - just the place for a run and a roll in the grass. That's for the dog of course, not me!
Shady Path

From 'Illy 'Oleys we took the shady path to the Chalons Way underpass and up towards the Market Place.

The Erewash Museum is now sporting a brand new banner across its frontage. The old one that proclaimed "Derbyshire Museum of the Year 2011" has been replaced with another that has had "2012" added to the wording. Museum of the year two years running and it's not so very long ago that it was threatened with closure.
Erewash Valley

One of the joys of living in a hill top town at the southern end of the Pennines is the fact that even though it's an urban environment with the cities of Nottingham and Derby less than ten miles away, there are views of open countryside all around. From the end of High Street where it meets East Street, we are within a couple of minutes of the town centre but can still see the Grade II* listed Bennerley Viaduct crossing the Erewash Valley.
Albion Precinct

With Jewl back on the lead we followed the path from East Street into the Albion Precinct where new signs have been erected while work continues in one of the empty units showing that a Costa Coffee shop will soon be opening. It's a start but all we need now is for more of the empty premises in the town centre to follow suit and re-open to regenerate the town.
Bath Street

Bath Street, one of the main shopping streets in the town, was looking quite busy, but as if to prove a point, just look at the number of "For Sale" or "To Let" signs at this top end of the street.
Market Traders

The busyness of the town centre on a Thursday is on account of the market that is held every week. There is a smaller market on Fridays but the Saturday market has declined in recent years and the Thursday event has risen to be almost on a par if not in fact equal with Saturday's. Bread, eggs, flowers, fruit and vegetables are just a few of the wares available along with clothing and many other items that are no longer available in local shops. Even if you are not buying, the chat and banter with the market traders make a visit worthwhile on any of the three market days.
Hallcroft Road

We left the market via Market Street and turned into Hallcroft Road to climb over the footbridge back across Chalons Way. The road, the bridge and the new build on the right have all contributed greatly to change the view here from when I used to walk this way regularly on my way to school in the 1950s and 60s.
Jubilee Island

Letting Jewl off the lead again we paused on the footbridge and I zoomed the camera lens onto the island at the end of Chalons Way where the Jubilee display on the five flower beds is still looking exceptionally good.
Homeward Bound

We headed towards the island in the shade of the wall along the side of Chalons Way and with the temperature rising quickly as the sun rose higher in the clear sky, made our way home for a refreshing drink. And would you believe that Jewl still wanted to run around the house and play despite the warm weather!

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