Ilkeston - A Walk With Jewl - Part 02
w/e 18 April 2010
All this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

This second part of our walk with our son's dog Jewl, takes us back from Little Hallam Hill to Straw's Bridge Nature Reserve (also known as Swan Lake).

Alternative Footpath

The first part of the return leg is along a footpath by the Nut Brook behind the houses on Godfrey Drive at Kirk Hallam which are just visible on the left of this image. The path is not as well surfaced as the Nutbrook Trail but does provide an alternative aspect to the former railway route.
The Nut Brook

For about a third of the way on our return route the path runs parallel, but at a slightly lower level, to the Nutbrook Trail. The Trail can be seen here on the opposite side of the Nut Brook which was flowing quite freely despite a fair amount of natural debris in the water.

We were quite surprised by the clarity of the water especially as further along the natural debris was supplemented by several items of man made detritus. Although this image looks like a countryside scene, it is perhaps worth pointing out that the Kirk Hallam housing is just out of shot on the left and we are still within the town boundary. At this point though both the path and the brook begin to diverge from the Nutbrook Trail and head in a more westerly direction.
Kirk Hallam Lake

Whereas the Nutbrook Trail passes behind Kirk Hallam School, our route now takes us across the entrance road at the front of the school and alongside the lake on Godfrey Drive. The seat at the side of the path towards the right of the image is at the position of an former lock on the Nutbrook Canal.
Brook & Lake

After passing the lake we paused to look back and could see the school through the trees. The white object in the Nut Brook on the left was a swan but there were many more water birds that were of great interest to Jewl on the lake. It goes without saying that she was on the lead here otherwise we could well have had a very wet dog!

Approaching the area known as Kirk Hallam Meadows there are several unmade paths across the fields that would return us to Swan Lake but we chose to leave the route of the Nut Brook and crossed the footbridge to follow a tarmaced path.
Sports Pitches

That path led in a short distance to these football and rugby pitches at the side of the school and we followed the access road to Derby Road.
High Lane East

The access road has now been blocked by large concrete structures presumably for safety reasons regarding entrance and egress on the corner at Straw's Bridge where Derby Road meets High Lane East. The pedestrian crossing however on High Lane East provides easy access to Swan Lake as the entrance to the Nature Reserve is just beyond on the right.
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