Along The GNR Path
w/e 21 August 2016
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

When the sun shines you just have to take advantage of it and that's exactly what we did with a short walk along the Great Northern Railway Path from Awsworth to Kimberley. I've often seen the path marked on various maps but have never actually walked along it previously.

Main Street

We approached along Main Street towards the Gate Inn and climbed the steps on the right up the embankment to access the path.

GNR PathGNR PathThe path (left and right|) continues for about half a mile along the embankment which is lined by trees on both sides giving only occasional views of the surrounding features. The view above is of Kimberley. I said I have never walked along here previously but before Dr Beeching swung his axe, I did travel by passenger train behind a steam engine to Nottingham about 1959/60.

Since those halcyon days of youth and Dr Beeching's cuts, the railway tracks have been removed and the path and embankment allowed to return to nature. The A610 has also been built bypassing Kimberley and creating a barrier to the GNR path. Just short of the road at a sign marked "Kimberley Green" the path splits and it was here that we turned right to walk alongside the road separated from it by more trees and undergrowth.

This path is less well defined than the one on top of the embankment and twists and turns up and down through the trees before opening out onto the hillside.

It soon reaches a kissing gate through the hedgerow to the side of the A610.

And once through the gate the path drops down to pass under the road.
Tree Avenue

On the other side of the underpass we turned left to walk down the other side of the road and passing two separate flights of steps that lead up to continue along the GNR Path and the embankment into Kimberley. A feature of the walk here as we passed through an avenue of trees was the constant noise of the traffic on the A610.

Goodwin DriveAwaorth Lane UnderpassOnce through the avenue of trees it became clear just how close the traffic was although trying to cross the road here is definitely not advisable and should never be attempted. A little further on the path descends a few feet by a series of roughly cut steps to reach Goodwin Drive (left) at Kimberley. Where this meets Awsworth Lane another underpass (right) is the safe option to return to Awsworth.
Awsworth Lane

The underpass is not for use by vehicles so what was once the main road between Awsworth and Kimberley and even a bus route has now become something of a backwater with only local traffic or visitors to the Hogs Head Hotel which is accessed by a drive from Awsworth Lane. I think there is only one other property between the underpass and the Van Hire business on the edge of the village.
The Gate Inn

Once entering the village it is only a matter of passing the Gate Inn to reach the start of the walk again. Alternatively you could take heed of the sign on the inn which reads "The gate hangs well and hinders none so relax refresh and travel on." It all depends whether you think a walk of just over a mile and a half is enough to work up a thirst!

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