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w/e 08 January 2017
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

Temporary Signs

There have been temporary signs at the island at the northern end of Chalons Way for several months now indicating the the road is closed at the railway bridge on Awsworth Road and traffic has been diverted along Rutland Street and Millership Way. Similar signs are in place at the end of Newtons Lane where it meets the Awsworth bypass. I decided to go and have a look.

Instead of walking down Granby Street and Awsworth Road I opted to go along Rutland Street for the more scenic route to the Erewash Canal across what forever will be what locals call Johnnies although it is officially known as Wash Meadows. Millership Way is to the left.
New Station

Traffic along the diverted route is heavy at the moment and supplemented by more vehicles using the road instead of the Station Road route because of the ongoing works associated with the construction of Ilkeston's new railway station. The station was due to be operational by December but access still needs to be made to the platforms from the Station Road railway bridge. The bridge will be closed over four weekends in January which will only serve to increase Millership Way/Rutland Street traffic even more.
Canal Bridge

I'd left Johnnies to walk along Millership Way to view the new station but returned and crossed the footbridge over the canal to gain access to the towpath contemplating all the way that if a relatively small project could be beset by so many difficulties, miss target dates and be over budget, what hope is there for a major project like the planned HS2 construction.

From the canal footbridge the towpath can be seen passing under the Millership Way bridge and that is the way I went to Awsworth Road.
Awsworth Road

From the bridge over the canal at Awsworth Road I looked past Ilkeston FC's ground towards the railway bridge where construction work was obviously in progress. Additional "Road Closed" signs and heavy vehicles bore testimony to the work.
Railway Bridge

I continued along the towpath to Stenson's Lock which provided a good vantage point to view the reason for the road closure which is given as "To facilitate reconstruction of railway bridge, including works to both approaches." The work is scheduled to take place between September 2016 and March 2017.
Footpath Closed

I carried on passing the end of the Bennerley Viaduct then made a short detour from the towpath to climb the old footbridge over the railway line hoping to get a good shot of the viaduct from the steps. That was not to be as a fence has been erected preventing access to the bridge so the only shot available of the structure was from ground level. A map and notice on the fence disclosed that the bridge was unsafe, the path was closed and there was no alternative route.
Erewash Canal

Thwarted I returned to the canal and as I had come this far decided to continue to the next canal bridge which is at the bottom of Bridge Street in Cotmanhay and can be seen from close to where I returned to the towpath spanning the water.
Bridge Inn

The building adjacent to the bridge and seen from it is of course, the Bridge Inn. From here I walked to the other end of Bridge Street and waited for a bus to take me back home. In total I had walked about 3.5 miles but the section from Rutland Street to Bridge Street including the detours to the new station and the viaduct measures about 2.2 miles. See a map of the route at

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