Bramcote - Bramcote Hills
w/e 16 February 2020
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

Snow dropped from the sky last week but soon disappeared. Snowdrops pushed up through the soil and will be around for a little longer. They can be found in abundance at places like Hodsock Priory in Nottinghamshire (adult ticket £4:00) and Hopton Hall in Derbyshire (adults £5:00) and in the past we've seen some lovely displays in Shipley Country Park for free (link to Candlemas 2016).

To The Right

Wondering if there would be any in Bramcote Hills Park this year we left the car park and followed the signposted path to the right through the wood.

The path led through the leafless trees and bushes but there was no sign of any snowdrops.
Hall Site

The path took us to the site of the former Bramcote Hall but still no snowdrops.
Three Way Sign

Continuing past the Hall site we reached a three way signpost. A dog barked and jumped at the trees as a squirrel moved from branch to branch; the trees looked lifeless; the earth was brown with only small patches of green grass showing through but the elusive white of the February flowers was nowhere to be seen. We took the path up the hill.
Bramcote Hills

As we ascended the slope - it is not without reason the the park is called Bramcote Hills - there were more signs of life in the flora but still now snowdrops.
Fenced Path

Almost at the top of the hill we turned left to head back towards the car park along the main path through the woods. There are many paths and tracks that criss cross but even though we looked in all directions, snowdrops were conspicuous by their absence.
Steps Down

I supposes there could have been some snowdrops as we descended the hill but we were more concerned about keeping our footing on the rough steps and tree roots to investigate more.
Car Park

We eventually reached the foot of the hill at the car park where we had started the walk passing the path to the left that had taken us towards Bramcote Hall. Still no snowdrops but all was not lost.
Sundial Maze

Remembering seeing snowdrops on a previous visit to the park we walked to the walled garden passing the sundial maze.


And there near the Ice House we found a bed of snowdrops. Not a large patch and not the finest you'll ever see but snowdrops all the same. Maybe we'll have to fork out a fiver each and go to Hopton or Hodsock to see more - or more likely go to Shipley as that's almost on our doorstep. That's Storm Dennis permitting of course. It swept over the country this weekend depositing a lot of rain and causing floods but there's still time for more snow to drop from the sky too! It is only February after all!

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