Bestwood - Mill Lakes
w/e 31 March 2019
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

The Mill

FootbridgeStepsThe majority of Bestwood Country Park lies to the east of Moor Road, the main thoroughfare through the village. A smaller part lies west of Moor Road along the River Leen valley where the river itself opens out to form Mill Lakes. The former mill itself powered by water from the river stands on Mill Lane and access to the lakes is via a flight of steps (right) near the footbridge (left) that crosses Moor Road.
Mill Lakes

From the top of the steps a path leads gently down to the lakes where there is a choice of paths leading along either side of the lakes. You can also go the other way over the footbridge to the main part of the park.

A welcoming committee at the water's edge consisted of mallards and Egyptian geese. We would see more of the geese later.
Eastern Path

We opted for the path along the eastern side of the lake.

Much of the lake on this side is shielded by a barrier of trees and undergrowth but at one point it passes close to the water's edge where more waterfowl gathered.

As we progressed along the path we were treated to views across the water like this but it crossed my mind that as the seasons change, such vistas will be obscured by the leaves on the trees.

Near the northern end of the lake we approached an information board, an inscribed boulder and a marker post.

Information Boulders

There are several of these boulders around the lake but unfortunately weathering has made most of them impossible to read.
Way Out

We had the option at the information point of continuing north to the end of the lake and back down the western side or turning right to return to Moor Road and back through the village. We opted for the latter and headed along the path towards a signpost and a gate onto the lane to Moor Road..

Flying Geese

It was here at the signpost that we became reacquainted with the Egyptian geese as three of them took to the air with a cacophony of noise and headed back towards the lake having taken off from a field on the other side of the lane.

It was only a short walk from here along the lane to Moor Road where a right turn took us through the village and a longer walk back to Mill Lane and the start of the walk.

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