Attenborough - Not A Murmur
w/e 06 January 2019
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

It was probably the news reports of a murmuration of starlings at the Attenborough Nature Reserve that drew us there although we knew that we were too early in the afternoon to see it as it usually takes place when the birds are going to roost for the night.

End Of The Road

We began our walk which was about one and a half miles in length at the end of The Strand where it narrows to a single lane to provide access only to the properties there but continues as a footpath into the Reserve.

The path leads to a footbridge, the first of several crossing various water channels in the site. This one is over the channel between Main Pond on the right and Works Pond on the left.


After crossing the bridge we turned right onto a path called The Bund and near the junction of the paths is a bird table. Finches in the trees briefly touched down and flew off again but a robin not only landed but actually gave us a nod in acknowledgement of our presence.
The Bund

We continued along The Bund now with Main Pond still to the right but another stretch of water, New Lagoon, to the left. Through the trees we spotted a heron standing statuesque-like on an island in Main Pond but it was not close enough to get a good shot of it through the branches.
Delta Sanctuary

At the far end of The Bund is another lagoon on the left that is the Delta Sanctuary. This was formed as information nearby informs, as sediment settled on the bottom of the lagoon forming a mixture of habitat for wildlife including reedbed, open water and wet woodland. Two people were on the bank watching the swans and cygnets and you may be able to make out a hide in the reeds and trees just to the left of centre.
Link Bridge

At another junction in the paths we turned right to walk by the River Trent and reached another footbridge which links Main Pond with the river to the left.

We stopped here to throw some corn to the birds but as we did so panic set in. The riverside path is popular with joggers and runners and one such person was running with his dog. The dog ran down the bank and into the water causing the birds to take flight. The dog can just be seen approaching at the bottom of the picture, the birds' reactions were much quicker than mine but the dog slashed in the water, probably found it too cold, turned and followed his master who didn't even stop but continued running along the path. I'm sure that dog owners are required to keep their animals under control in the Nature Reserve but danger gone, the birds resumed feeding on the corn.
River Trent

We continued along the path by the river and although none are seen here met a number of people walking in the opposite direction. It was apparent a little further on where they were going as a sign pointed to the starlings.
Brookside Path

Completing the circuit of Main Pond we crossed another footbridge and passed Brookside Path which leads between Tween Pond and The Brook and eventually to the main Visitor Centre via Church Path.
The Strand

We on the other hand, returned to The Strand and back to the start of the walk and of the starlings? Not a murmur! But you may be interested in this RSPB page.

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