Attenborough - Go Tell It To The Birds
w/e 08 April 2012
All this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

Attenborough Reserve

News reports of record numbers of heron's nests drew us to Attenborough Nature Reserve recently and that is where we saw many other birds too. "Go tell it it to the birds" is a phrase that is used when someone says something that is not credible or is a lie but have you ever wondered what birds are saying with all their chirping, cheeping and squawking. I suppose in this technological age I should also have included tweeting in that too but in the following selection I have captioned the pictures with a few phrases that might be overheard if we understood bird language. Whether they are credible or not is a matter of opinion so you might like to come up with a few of your own too.
Siesta Time

"Just when you want to get a bit of shut eye, all these people come wandering by twittering on about herons! Don't they know it's siesta time?"
Egyptian Goose

"OK so what if you are an Egyptian Goose with different coloured feathers and pink legs, I bet you can't bend your neck like this!"

"If I stand still long enough and don't move, they'll probably think I'm a cardboard cutout, go away and leave me in peace to do a spot of fishing."
Birds In Flight

"Go on Peter, go on Paul fly away quickly, I'm right behind you and I'm not posing for any more photographers today."
Canada Goose

"Who says you need more than one for synchronised swimming? I'm managing quite well on my own thank you very much."

"Shush! If we stay quiet in these reeds they'll never know we're here despite those enormous lenses. And why on earth do they call that a hide when they stick it on stilts for everyone to see?"
and Bank

"I don't know! We fly all the way out to these islands and find a remote sand bank and the paparazzi are still hounding us."
Swan Queue

"Form a line guys, with all these visitors, there'll be plenty of titbits for all of us."
Three Ducks

"Now why don't you just quack off and leave us alone? You can see she's only got eyes for me."

And with that I think we'd better leave all the birds in peace.

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