Attenborough - The Nature Reserve
w/e 29 September 2002

Some fine weather with lots of late summer sunshine enticed us to Attenborough for a very pleasant afternoon's stroll around part of the nature reserve there. An attractively designed information board on the car park illustrated two walks each way-marked at intervals by blue and red posts respectively (see insert in picture to the left). For this excursion we followed the shorter at 2.9km "Tufted Duck" route indicated by the red posts with a duck carved into the top. The longer blue or "Kingfisher" route is about 5.5km long and, of course, the posts have kingfisher emblems at the top.
Attenborough Church

Leaving the car park and heading in a clockwise direction, the route follows a hedge lined path offering tantalising glimpses of Church Pond on the left and Tween Pond on the right. And then this delightful view of Attenborough Church comes into play.
Shades Of Autumn

The hedge on the right soon disappears and the view across a corner of Tween Pond opens up showing the first shades of Autumn in some of the trees opposite.
Up And Over

Just beyond the trees the red route splits from the blue route and makes a right turn to cross up and over the footbridge heading south towards the River Trent. Immediately on the left after crossing the bridge is the first of several strategically placed single seats for rest and observation. The lone walker is well catered for but if you are with a party, it could be standing room only!

The views to the right are now over the Main Pond where these bullrushes were growing at the water's edge.
Distant Footbridge

When the path reaches the River Trent, it rejoins the blue route and a right turn leads along the river bank with Clifton Pond to the north. Views of the pond are obscured by vegetation but when the path leaves the river and turns north, a short walk soon leads back to Tween Pond. Here in the distance across the water, it is possible to make out the footbridge we crossed earlier in the walk.
Birds Of A Feather

We are now almost back at our starting point but at the edge of Coneries Pond, a variety of our feathered friends had gathered seeking tit bits from the many visitors. Who said they were bird-brained?

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