The Three Parishes Walk - Part 03
w/e 09 February 2014
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

The final leg of the walk was a little longer than originally planned but only took the length of the walk to about three miles in total and I probably covered the last mile quicker than the previous two.

Shipley Lane

As I walked down Coach Road at the side of Derby Lodge I could see the remainder of Shipley Lane down to Osborne's Pond which I negotiated at a leisurely pace on this occasion without mishap. A previous walk along the lane some time ago had seen me end up in the casualty department of the local hospital with a badly sprained ankle following a fall on the grass verge when avoiding two cars. This time I kept to the tarmac!
Osborne's Pond

Osborne's Pond, like the Mapperley Reservoir passed earlier in the walk, was a feeder for the Nutbrook Canal but today is favoured by bird watchers and anglers with photographers not far behind.
The Pier

And like most photographers before me, it is almost impossible to pass the pier at this end of the pond without it being the focal point for another shot.
Coppice Lake

On the other side of Shipley Lane the overflow channel from Osborne's Pond can be seen spilling into Coppice Lake but later in the year this view will be obscured as more leaves appear on the trees.
Former Railway Bridge

At the end of Shipley Lane the road passes under a former railway bridge that now carries the Nutbrook Trail to become Coppice Court at Marlpool with Shipley Lane continuing to the right to the Lakeside Business Centre and The Field at Shipley. I climbed up the bank and crossed the Trail in order to catch the bus back to Ilkeston but this is where I revised my plan. I discovered that the bus I wanted hadn't arrived on its way into Heanor yet where it would begin its return journey to Ilkeston. It wasn't due back for at least ten minutes so I decided to lengthen the walk and returned to the Nutbrook Trail.
Nutbrook Trail

A brisk walk along the former railway line of the Nutbrook Trail led me to the Lakeside Business Centre on the right. The Trail also turns right here to follow Dog Kennel Lane on its way south eventually to Long Eaton.
The Field

I however turned left off the Trail and into The Field which is the road that leads back onto the bus route at Hassock Lane North at Shipley.
The Field Bridge

After passing the old Station House, a terrace of cottages, the entrance to Michael House School and some old colliery buildings the road twists over another old railway bridge but I was now on a mission to reach Hassock Lane in time to catch the bus.
Frosty Verges

Once over the bridge The Field straightens out and even though it was just after midday, the sheltered verges were still frost covered.
Hassock Lane North

I emerged onto Hassock Lane North with just a couple of minutes to spare before the bus I had seen earlier heading for Heanor arrived here on its way back to Ilkeston. This would actually have been a better option in the first place as there are more frequent bus services passing here than at Marlpool so if I had missed the Heanor bus there would have been another one along soon .... or I could just have carried on walking of course.
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