Ilkeston Cam On Holiday In North Wales 2000

Part Six - Bodelwyddan & Rhos-On-Sea

A Castle Round Every Corner

Wherever you go in North Wales, you cannot help but notice the castles.

Some are well known internationally such as Harlech, Caernarfon and Conwy but within a few miles of these famous names are others like Criccieth, Rhuddlan and the one pictured here, Bodelwyddan.

Situated close to the A55 Expressway near St Asaph, Bodelwyddan Castle is only 5 miles from the seaside resort of Rhyl and stands in some magnificent grounds, gardens and parkland.

Entering through the main gates between two imposing turreted towers (above left), you reach a quiet courtyard (above right) where shrubs and climbing plants hug the buttressed walls. Not all of the Castle is as open as this though. There are many narrow passageways such as the one that leads to the Gift Shop and Tea Room pictured right .

Standing outside the Castle it is easy to image Mediaeval warriors fighting wars in this picturesque setting with archers atop the walls and cauldrons of hot oil being poured on to the attackers. Having painted this picture let me spoil it without further ado. The Castle is actually an imposing Victorian Country House that has now been extensively restored. It houses a major collection of nineteenth century portraits.

Other features worthy of mention are the beautiful flower displays in the tubs on the access way to the Castle.
It is from this road that the outline of Rhuddlan Castle can be seen in the far distance beyond the 202 foot spire of of Bodelwyddan Church. Known locally as "the Marble Church" this is a well known local landmark. Its nickname is derived from the fact that fourteen different varieties of marble were used in the interior.

Ancient And Modern.
A few miles along the coast from Conwy beyond Llandudno and merging almost imperceptibly with Colwyn Bay is the seaside resort of Rhos-On-Sea.

It was here that we paid a visit to the United Reformed Church (picture above) and became re-acquainted with Rev. John Huntingdon and his wife (right). Before moving to Rhos,-On Sea, Rev. Huntingdon was the URC Minister in Ilkeston.

We also visited another church in Rhos - that dedicated to St. Trillo. The seashore church marks the spot of a holy well and is notable for being probably the smallest in Wales if not the UK measuring only 11 feet by 8 feet (3.4m x 2.4m).

The plaque outside the church reads:


All reverence is due to this sacred spot. This ancient chapel is built over the holy well of St Trillo a Celtic Saint of the sixth century. Pilgrim turn in and offer prayer.


Continued in Part 7 - Conwy Bridges & Smallest House

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