Autumn Footprints 2014 - Week One
w/e 21 September 2014
All this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

Following the Opening Walk in Shipley Park on Saturday 13th September, I joined other walkers during the first week of the Autumn Footprints Walking Festival in Erewash and Amber Valley and below are just a couple of images from each of five guided walks I enjoyed.

Moor of Morley

On Monday a walk led by the Erewash Ramblers took a group around "Moor of Morley" and whilst I have often walked in this area, this walk travelled over footpaths I had never seen previously. Starting from Cloves Wood we walked for about an hour via Morley Almshouses to a spot near Broomfield Hall pausing there for a drinks stop (above) before continuing on the six mile circuit.
At Hayes Park Farm

The walk continued following the line of the Great Northern Greenway across Lime Lane before another stop for a picnic lunch and then turned to the north to head for Hayes Park Farm where the sweet peas growing semi-wild were looking good. The return to Cloves Wood took us over the more familiar territory of Morley Church and Morley Hayes. (Click here for aerial route map)
Nottingham Canal

Tuesday's walk, "Notts and Erewash Canals" with the Eastwood Chapter and Verse Community Group was publicised as "A gentle stroll ...." of some four miles in length. In truth it was a gentle stroll of only a little over half that length but none the less enjoyable for that. The outward leg was along the disused Nottingham Canal.
Erewash Canal

A smattering of local history and reminiscences were imparted along the way in warm sunny conditions that turned out to be the best of the week. After a brief stop at Newmanley's Mill by the River Erewash, we returned to Langley Mill on the Erewash Canal towpath. The canal is navigable for leisure craft all the way from the River Trent at Sawley to the Great Northern Basin at Langley Mill. (Route map)
Denby Footpaths

After Tuesday the weather conditions slowly deteriorated towards the weekend and Wednesday's walk with the Denby Footpaths Group took place in dull misty conditions. The main purpose of the walk was to see the sites of some of the "Lost Houses of Denby" but it also showed some of the industrial landscape that has replaced this former mining community.
Church Street

A fair proportion of the Denby walk was through restored opencast areas but as we dropped down Church Street the views over the village were obscured by the mist. The leader of the walk however retained the interest of the group with frequent stops to point out where some of the lost properties had stood circulating numerous old photos and succeeded in achieving a fine balance of walk and talk. (Route map)
Moor of Dale

On Thursday I joined up again with the Erewash Ramblers this time for "Moor of Dale". Once again the walk started in dull misty conditions and the initial part of the walk from Kirk Hallam to beyond Dale Village was over very familiar territory. It then wandered off towards Ockbrook over paths that were new to me.
Columbine Farm

We eventually arrived in Dale Hills above Columbine Farm and although still misty, the sun did put in an appearance at this lovely spot where we enjoyed a lunch break. (Route map)
Belper Coppice Walk

"Dreich" is a word of Scottish origin and is used to describe the weather. At least four of the adjectives dull, overcast, drizzly, cold, misty or miserable must apply for the term to be used correctly and on Friday I'm sure four of them did. It wasn't cold but on the day after the people of Scotland voted to remain as part of the UK the weather for the Belper Coppice walk was truly dreich.
Flowers in the Mist

Again the wonderful views that should have been enjoyed on the walk led this time by the Amber Valley Ramblers were obscured but the conditions did focus the attention on things closer to hand like colourful flowers against stone walls which drew many comments of appreciation. (Route map)

A high pressure system over the British Isles had caused the warmer than average temperatures and the humidity laden air produced the misty, drizzly conditions but the weather cleared up at the weekend and the forecast for the second week of the Festival bodes well. We shall see.
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