Ilkeston - Fair Week
w/e 24 October 2021

All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490
769thj Charter Fair

After last year's cancellation the Annual Charter Fair returned to Ilkeston's town centre on the 769th Anniversary of the granting of the Royal Charter in 1252.


The travelling showmen arrived in the town early in the week and a line of vehicles parked along Oakwell Drive and their accommodation formed a little community on the recreation ground. By Tuesday morning the Market Place and surrounding streets were awash with vehicles as the rides and stalls were positioned and assembled.
War Memorial

On Tuesday morning a lot of the bigger rides were already in position but there was still a gap by the War Memorial which had earlier been surrounded by a protective fence.
Finishing Touches

By Wednesday that gap had been filled with the Gallopers whilst elsewhere finishing touches were being added to the rest of the Fair ready for the start on Wednesday evening. Seen here are Pimlico (top right) and East Street (bottom right).
Thursday Midday

The official opening always takes place on the first Thursday after the first Sunday after the eleventh day of October as decreed by the Charter and crowds gathered in front of the Town Hall just before noon.
Opening Ceremony

As a precursor to the opening ceremony, Johnny Victory sang a medley of Music Hall songs and then there were speeches from the Council Leader, Carol Hart, and the Mayor of Erewash, Donna Brigs.
Chief Executive of the Council, Jeremy Jurassic, read the Charter and local schoolchildren rang the ceremonial bells as the church clock struck the hour before the invited civic dignitaries enjoyed the traditional free rides.
Big Wheel

And then later as night fell, the streets teemed with visitors as the Fair really got underway for the next three days. All the favourites were here such as the Big Wheel at the side of the Town Hall.

The Dodgems were in their usual position on the Market Place.


And bright lights were flashing everywhere.
Thrill Rides

Thrill rides galore were situated on the Pimlico Car Park.

And it wouldn't have been the Fair without the Cakewalk. The Fair drew to a close on Saturday Evening, by Sunday morning it was hard to tell it had been here at all and now it's just another twelve months to the 770th.

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