Ilkeston - 766th & One Week
w/e 28 October 2018
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

It's remarkable how quickly things return to normal after the departure of the travelling showmen. The following views, each taken from the same spot barely a week apart, illustrate how the stalls and rides fill the town centre and obscure the more familiar streets and buildings for a few days each year.

South Street

South Street is closed to traffic from its junction with Gladstone Street as the Fair stretches its octopus like tentacles through the town.
Queen Street

Seen from the steps of Queen Street Baptist Church the car park opposite is also taken over by the Fair.
Wharncliffe Road

Wharncliffe Road too is closed from Albert Street and during the Fair bus routes are altered but it's not long before the public transport reverts to its usual bus stops.

During the Fair the rides and amusements fill the Market Place but once they have gone it is only taxis in front of the library.
St Mary's Church

Parts of St Mary's Church date from the 12th century and although it has been extended and altered since then the church has overlooked every one of those 766 years since the Royal Charter to hold the Fair was granted in 1252. The Fair has also changed immeasurably since those early years but if the stones of St Mary's could talk there would be some wonderful stories to tell.
Street Furniture

Street furniture including bollards, seats and planters were all removed before the Fair arrived but were soon back in place in the days after although the tubs still need replanting.

The "Food To Go" has gone as has the Helter Skelter to reveal not only the Scala Cinema but also the Pimlico car park which was filled with thrill rides during the Fair.
Lower Market Place

The Lower Market Place was eclipsed by the Fair but now the only Eclipse is the name of the hairdressers on the left.
East Street

Another car park that was eclipsed by the Fair was in front of the Albion Centre off East Street but the view when the Fair has gone is so different.
Bath Street

The clean up after the Fair was soon accomplished but street cleaning as can be seen here in Bath Street is an on-going occupation. Something else that can be deduced from this duo of images is that no sooner had the Fair left town than the Christmas lights were being erected.

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