Ilkeston - Fair Food
w/e 23 October 2016
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

Ilkeston Charter Fair 2017

Ilkeston's 764th Annual Charter Fair was officially opened at noon on Thursday October 20th by the traditional reading of the Royal Charter, the ringing of the ceremonial bells in the presence of neighbouring civic dignitaries and invited excited schoolchildren and the customary free ride. In the evening and again until Saturday, the Market Place and surrounding streets were filled with crowds of people enjoying the sideshows, roundabouts and amusements. With the advent of mobile phone cameras, social media has been awash with images from the Fair, many of them showing the stomach churning thrill rides. One set of people that are often overlooked are the providers of all the food and confectionery that is on offer at the Fair. In previous years I have had various themes running through my Fair photos on this site and this year the theme I've chosen is "Fair Food" with a selection of images showing some of the various edibles on offer.


Many of the showmen and traders at the Fair travel long distances to attend what is still one of the oldest and largest street fairs in Europe but this lady selling sausages and cheeseburgers among her other wares has only had to travel a few miles.
Mushy Peas

A staple of the Fair food has been mushy peas with mint sauce for as long as I can remember.
Carving Meat

At one time of day, along with the mushy peas, shell fish were also popular at the Fair, cockles, whelks, winkles, prawns, mussels etc. but these are not so common now and appear to have been replaced by joints of meat which obviously require a lot of concentration when being carved.

Large German sausages and onions are also a relatively new addition to the food stalls although hot dogs and hamburgers date back many years.
Brandy Snap

Brandy Snaps and Grantham Gingerbreads are traditional fare at the Fair and this stall had large piles of the former but gingerbreads are very rarely seen these days.
Toffee Apples

Toffee apples too generally make an appearance at the Fair although personally I prefer my toffees and apples separate.
Candy Floss

And of course it wouldn't be the Fair without the candy floss stalls, this one offering a choice of colours too.
Sugar Dummies

Candy floss was on sale at many stalls and for those with a sweet tooth, this one also had a large selection of sugar dummies.

For the more decadent fair-goer another stall combined the sale of donuts at one end with chocolate covered fruit at the other.

Finally a treat that has evolved over the years into a large circular lollipop. Years ago I remember these being in the shape of a bird and when it was the Fair, all the children wanted a "Cock on a Stick".

These images show just a few of the stalls at the Fair but if you add other edibles that can be purchased such as Corn on the Cob, Curry, Hot Chestnuts, Pancakes, Noodles, Waffles, Bacon Cobs, Roast Beef, Pork and Turkey and of course, Chips with everything then you can see that if you were to sample everything, it would be just as stomach churning as the thrill rides.

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