Ilkeston - Fairground Art At The 758th Charter Fair
w/e 24 October 2010
All this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

Fairground Art

In previous years I have photographed the Fair from all angles showing the rides, the sideshows, the food stalls, the people and even the vehicles associated with the travelling showmen both during the day and also at night, One constant that has always been seen but often overlooked is the artwork displayed on many of the attractions so this selection of images aims to put that right.

Crazy Beach Party

It was this Crazy Beach Party attraction halfway down Bath Street near the edge of the Fair that gave me the idea of featuring the fairground art. The tropical image was somewhat at odds with the cool October weather but was a foretaste of the colourful sights to be seen elsewhere in the Fair.
Ghost Train

The scary faces and menacing appearance of the Ghost Train on the Lower Market Place did little to dissuade punters from sampling the delights of the interior.
The Scream

Although photographed at a quiet period, partakers of this ride across from the Town Hall did not need much encouragement to copy the name of the ride. The artwork of the Scream showed a distinct American bias with a large image of the Statue of Liberty prominent.
Mach 1

The Mach 1, a large windmill type ride outside the library that promised it was "faster than the speed of sound", featured a large and colourful backdrop of which this is just one half.
The Cakewalk

Three old favourites were in the usual positions on the Market Place and the artwork of the Cakewalk was of a typically old fashioned fairground ride which is not surprising as the sign tells us it was built in 1895.
Big Wheel

The second old favourite is the Big Wheel and although pictures of pop stars from the sixties and later adorn the main structure, there is a much gentler image on the side of the pay kiosk. There was a time when the Big Wheel was the ultimate thrill ride but now this picture exemplifies the fact that is is regarded as a more family orientated attraction.
The Waltzer

The third favourite is another traditional ride but the artwork on the Waltzer seems to have been given an update for a more glitzy display.
Crazy Bulls

It's at night though when the Fair really comes alive with all the artwork given a lift by the flashing lights and the noisy music. The Crazy Bulls on Wharncliffe Road is another ride with an American feel where cowgirls are superimposed on an arid landscape to say nothing of the flag.
The Superspin

On Queen Street the backdrop to another thrill ride which I believe is called the Superspin although there was no sign to confirm it, reminded me of the type of images usually associated with graffiti or street artists.
Helter Skelter

In more recent times the traditional wooden Helter Skelter has been replaced by a more easily assembled lattice work structure and there are usually several examples scattered about the Fair. This one on South Street though has retained an old typeface for its nameplate and is typical of old time fairground art.

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