Ilkeston - Six Days At The Fair
w/e 23 October 2005
All this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

All the main pictures were taken from the same spot at the corner of South Street and Wharncliffe Road outside the Co-Op on consecutive days during the week of Ilkeston's 753rd Annual Charter Fair.

Tuesday 10:44am

There was nothing unusual about the Market Place on Monday except most of the seats, bollards and flower planters had already been removed by council workers. Travelling showmen had been moving into the town for a number of days and by 10:44am on Tuesday the erection of their rides and sideshows was already well under way.

Preparations On Tuesday
Above are six views of the fair during the course of construction taken on Tuesday.
Wednesday 10:14am

Nearly twenty four hours later at 10:14am on Wednesday, they were still putting the final touches to the fair and by that evening the fair opened for business.

Almost Ready On Wednesday
Almost there - three more views of the fair taken on Wednesday before the opening.
Thursday 12:01pm"

The official opening by the Mayor of Erewash did not take place until the customary time of mid-day on Thursday and a good crowd assembled to witness the event. This picture is timed at 12:01pm.

Walter And Dodgems On Thursday
Enjoying the Dodgems and the Waltzer shortly after the official opening on Thursday.
Friday 18:10pm

The weather took a turn for the worse on Friday and by 18:10pm hooded jackets and umbrellas were the order of the day. The bright lights shone on far fewer customers than the showmen would have liked but even as I returned home, more people were still heading in the direction of the fair despite the rain.

In the rain but the lights were shining brightly on Friday.
Saturday 14:13pm

A much better day on Saturday with sunshine breaking through the cloud brought many children and families to the fair and by 14:13pm it was getting pretty crowded.

A fun filled afternoon at a crowded fair on Saturday.
Sunday 11:47am

As soon as the fair closed on Saturday, the rides and sideshows were dismantled and packed away ready to move on to their next location. By 11:47am on Sunday morning the transformation was almost complete and apart from the cars belonging to the congregation at St Mary's the Market Place was almost back to normal. All that remains is for the council workers to return at some point to replace the street furniture.

Sunday and it's almost gone for another year.

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