Ilkeston - The Annual Charter Fair 2004

Charter Fair
w/e 24 October 2004
All this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

Caravan Village

Travelling showmen rolled into town last week and many of them set up camp on the Rutland Recreation Ground and formed their own caravan village.
Wednesday Morning

By Wednesday morning most of the rides and stalls were erected despite the inclement weather ready for the opening later that evening.

From afar, there were at least two additions to the Ilkeston skyline with Big Ben and Booster towering above the spire and tower of the United Reformed and St Mary's churches respectively.
East Street

Town centre roads were closed to traffic and even though Captain Gregory looked down from his Vaults in East Street somewhat disapprovingly, I'm sure he was in the minority.

This year Booster was sited outside the Library on the Market Place and dwarfed the normally impressive building. Thursday was a day of high winds and a thunderstorm passed over during the evening. The ride had to be closed - it would have made an excellent lightning conductor - but I wouldn't have fancied being on the Booster in any weather!

But for all the thrill rides no fair would be complete without that old favourite, the Gallopers and behind the Albion Centre, Brett was patiently waiting for a rider. I cannot remember a fair that has suffered so much bad weather with rain every single day but I am sure those that braved the elements would have found it just as enjoyable as usual. When you read this, the fair will have gone for another year but for a few days after this year's event, I for one, will still be tucking into Brandy Snaps and Grantham Gingerbreads and looking forward to the 753rd Charter Fair next October.

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