Ilkeston - The 750th Anniversary Of The Annual Charter Fair
w/e 20 October 2002

Reading The Charter

In 1252 King Henry III granted a charter to Ilkeston allowing it to stage a market and fair on "the first Thursday after the first Sunday after the 11th October". Just before noon on the 750th anniversary, the charter was read outside the Town Hall before the bells were rung to signify the official opening of this year's fair.
Ilkeston Fair

This year the emphasis was on family entertainment with numerous roundabouts for children alongside bigger rides for the more adventurous. This picture was taken from the Town Hall balcony shortly after the opening.
For as long as I can remember, the Old Tyme Broadway Cakewalk has stood opposite the Town Hall entrance each October and this year was no exception.
Big Wheel 

The Big Wheel too was in its traditional place at the side of the Town Hall.
Another old favourite, the Dodgem Cars occupied a prime spot on the Market Place. The fair is one of the largest street fairs in Europe and spreads like the tentacles of an octopus from the Market Place into all the surrounding streets and car parks.

For many years the Gallopers, or Big 'Orses as they are commonly known in this part of Derbyshire, stood right in the centre of the fair until the white knuckle rides rose to prominence. More recently they have been tucked away on the Albion Leisure Centre car park off East Street which is where they could be found this year. Tucked away or not, they still drew the crowds and the carousel with traditional fairground organ music delighted young and old alike.

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