Ilkeston - Choices
w/e 16 April 2017
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

Palm Sunday

The Sunday before Easter of course was Palm Sunday and the service at St Mary's began outside the main entrance with the congregation holding aloft palm crosses.
Good Friday

As well as the normal services there were others every day during Holy Week with Compline on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, a Maundy Thursday service and on Good Friday, Christians of all denominations gathered in the church at the start of the annual Silent Walk of Witness.

After the service the congregation re-assembled in the Market Place and before starting the walk, there was a reading, a dramatic presentation and the hymn "There is a Green Hill" was sung.

The procession proceeded to Bath Street via the Lower Market Place.
Lower Market Place

There were several stops on the route and the first of these was in the Lower Market Place where there was another reading, dramatic presentation and the singing of the hymn "When I Survey".
Bath Street

Continuing slowly, the procession snaked down Bath Street in silence apart from the beat of a solitary drum.

The dramatic presentations were by Contagious, a youth led worship group who put a modern day slant on the events of 2000 years ago. Near the entrance to the Albion Centre the presentation was followed by the singing of "Amazing Grace".

The theme of this year's Walk of Witness was "Choices" and placards illustrated the theme with words and symbols saying "Love or Hate", "War or Peace", "Hope or Fear" and "Happy or Sad". There were also others imploring "Choose Jesus".

The walk concluded at St Andrew's Methodist Church with another dramatic performance by the youngsters. Although the crucifixion is no laughing matter, the talented youngsters certainly brought a smile to many a face with their enthusiastic performances. The walk was brought to a close here with Sydney Carter's "I danced in the morning" and then the walkers were invited into St Andrew's for refreshments.
Easter Candle

The walkers were given another choice on Easter Day as there was a Dawn Service in the ruins of Dale Abbey but as this was at 6am we chose to go to the Holy Communion service later in St Mary's.

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