Ilkeston - Easter Joy
w/e 27 March 2016
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

In St Mary's

This year's Silent Walk of Witness on Good Friday took the theme of "Easter joy begins here!" and a large number of people from all the churches across Ilkeston came together prior to the walk for a service in St Mary's Church.
Market Place

They then gathered together on the Market Place for a further reading and then sang "The Lord's my Shepherd" before forming into a column two-abreast for the walk down Bath Street.

The procession to the solitary beat of a single drum was headed by a wooden cross and the walkers headed for the junction with East Street in silence, passing through the Friday market where daily life went on unabated just as it had all those years ago when Jesus walked to Calvary.
At East Street

Pausing outside Lloyds Bank at the end of East Street, the hymn here was "Give me oil in my lamp".
Bath Street

As the procession continued down Bath Street the final walkers were just leaving East Street as the front of the procession neared the next stop near the Albion Precinct.

Excuse the pun but as the walkers stopped on Bath Street for another hymn "I danced in the morning" and a dramatic portrayal of a Centurion at the foot of the cross, similar walks of witness were being held across the country as the Christian message was spread "Nationwide".

Prior to the walk, three young men Benjamin, Edward and Raven had consulted with their friends (aged between 17 and 22) as to what Easter meant to them and then, with the help of Dr N Downes, had created the artwork and assembled the banners that were held aloft during the walk.

As the procession continued to its conclusion outside St Andrew's Methodist Church, there was time for reflecting on the events of Jesus' crucifixion as I caught the head of the line of walkers reflected in a shop window opposite the church.
Snaking Back

From outside of St Andrew's the line of walkers could be seen snaking back up Bath Street. As the final act of worship "When I Survey " was sung and then refreshments were served in the church.
Faith, Hope, Love

And as the event came to a conclusion outside St Andrew's, the joyful message of Easter was perhaps best encapsulated in one of the banners - Faith, Hope, Love.
Erewash Museum

The joyful celebration continued with a Dawn Service amid the Dale Abbey ruins at 6.30am on Easter Sunday but as we lost an hour's sleep due to the clocks going forward overnight by one hour that would have meant leaving home at what would in effect have felt like 5.00am and I was still sound asleep then! On Easter Saturday however there was another joyful event as the Erewash Museum threw open its brand new gates and invited the public to a Victorian Extravaganza to celebrate the launch of the Heritage Lottery Funded Learning and Visitor Centre in the refurbished Old Stable block - but more of that next time. This image therefore is just a taster.

Click here to view a YouTube slideshow/video of the "Easter Joy 2016" Walk of Witness.

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