Ilkeston - Voices From The Crowd
w/e 05 April 2015
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

Silent Walk of Witness

We have been blessed with good if sometimes cold weather in recent years on Good Friday for the annual Christian Walk of Witness through the streets on Ilkeston. We shouldn't grumble then about the wet drizzly conditions that accompanied this year's event although the rain did probably curtail the number of people attending. There was still a goodly number present, representing all the local churches.

Queen St Baptist

The route of the walk varies slightly from year to year depending on the start and finishing locations and this year it commenced with a service in the Queen Street Baptist Church.
Market Place Assembly

The congregation then reassembled on the Market Place at the foot of the steps to the Garden of Remembrance.
Dramatic Reading

The title of this year's event was "Voices From The Crowd" and the first of a number of dramatic readings that were conducted at various points along the route was delivered by this gentleman who, seemingly oblivious to the rain, delivered the first reading in the guise of Barabbas. This was followed by the singing of "There is a green hill far away".
Following The Cross

The walk then began in earnest as the assembly followed a simple wooden cross two by two to the beat of a solitary drum.
Outside Lloyds Bank

The group stopped at the top of Bath Street outside Lloyds Bank not as it appears to queue for an ice cream but for another dramatic reading and to sing "The Old Rugged Cross".
Upper Bath Street

The procession then continued in silence save for the beat of the drum to the next stop further down Bath Street.
At Nationwide

That stop was outside the Nationwide Building Society which, being Good Friday, was closed for the day. The drama continued with another reading which had been taken from "Stages on the Way: Worship Resources for Lent, Holy Week and Easter" © copyright 1998 WGRG (, Iona Community, Glasgow and was used with permission.
Lower Bath Street

After singing "When I survey the wondrous cross" the procession continued down Bath Street to turn into Wilmot Street and St Andrew's Methodist Church.
St Andrew's Methodist

Final hymns were sung and prayers offered in the church followed by refreshments to bring the event to a close but the story continued on Easter Sunday with a Dawn Service at the Dale Abbey Arch.
Three Crosses

I was struck for this final image from my position at the back off St Andrew's how three crosses lined up. On the left was the one that had led the procession, in the middle one that had been erected in the church for Easter and on the right the cross that is permanently in the church. The arrangement reminded me of the three crosses on Calvary over 2000 years ago.

And this extract from a crumpled rain soaked back page of one of the song sheets used during the walk explains the reason why the Silent Walk of Witness takes place each year.

The Reason Why

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