Ilkeston - Good Friday Invitation
w/e 31 March 2013
All this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

Ilkeston Area Churches issued an "Invitation from Jesus" to a Silent Procession of Witness to be held during the morning of Good Friday, March 29th.

In St Andrew's

Many responded to the invitation and gathered in St Andrew's Methodist Church on Bath Street where a short simple service was held with prayers and hymns including "The Servant King".
Wilmot Street

The worshippers including the Deputy Mayor then gathered outside in Wilmot Street to follow a wooden cross into Bath Street to the beat of a single drum.
Dyl & Co

Several shops, like the Banks, had closed for the day but some were still open. Dyl and Co., providers of fancy dress, were open with a brightly coloured yellow Easter chicken costume displayed in the window.
Harpur & Finch

A little further up the hill the centrepiece of Harpur & Finch's shop window is a giant chocolate Easter egg but the focus of the procession was on the way ahead.
Pause For Prayer

Although Bath Street is a pedestrian area, it is not unusual to see all sorts of vehicles there even at restricted times. One such vehicle, a security van, pulled up behind the procession that blocked the road outside the Derbyshire Building Society (also closed) and the van had to wait to continue whilst more prayers were said and another hymn sung.
Lower Market Place

If you think these image look similar to previous years' you are probably correct but whereas in the past there have been re-enactments and people in costume, this year there was only the one stop on Bath Street as the walkers made their way up to the Market Place.
Cross Entering Church

This was probably as well since the weather was dry and bright but snow was still lying in sheltered places and there were piles of it where it had been pushed during snow clearing. It was less cold (I hesitate to say warmer) than earlier in the week but as the cross followed by the Deputy Mayor entered St Mary's Church, snow could still be seen near the steps.

Many of the walkers followed into the church for another short service. Notice more snow on the left.
Listening Outside

Some people however were more hardy and stood outside to join in with the service as it was relayed over loudspeakers.
In St Mary's

As I stood at the back of the church listening to the address, my thoughts went back to 2005 and The Way of the Cross when a man portraying Jesus wearing little more than a loin cloth was fastened to a cross outside St Mary's. He would probably have ended up with hypothermia if the same event had been staged this year!

See these images and more in a YouTube presentation "Invitation from Jesus".

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