Ilkeston (mainly) - Spoilt For Choice
w/e 01 May 2011
All this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

There are some weeks when I struggle to find somewhere different to go for images or to find an event that is taking place. At other times photo opportunities come thick and fast. I am reminded of the phrase "You wait for ages for a bus, then three come along together" and it's been a little like that during the last fortnight so I've been spoilt for choice. So with little more ado, let's get on to this selection of images from the local area.

Market Place

A prolonged spell of fine weather with no rain to speak of has been a real benefit to the spring flowers. Blue skies have been the order of the day on many occasions and despite an infrequent cool wind, the flower beds have never looked better. This particular image of the Market Place was taken on Palm Sunday about midday.
Around The Fountain

Drama PresentationWalk of WitnessThe fine weather continued all week and the traditional Good Friday Walk of Christian Witness through the town's main streets was conducted in brilliant sunshine. Several hundred people took part in the silent procession up Bath Street (right) and paused at a number of locations for drama presentations (left) including one around the old horse trough and fountain (above).
Were You There?

The title of this year's walk was "Were You There?" a reference to the song "Were you there when they crucified my Lord?" but with so many people participating it could well have been a question posed later after the event was over.
Easter Bunny

A number of special events for Easter were held in the town centre on Easter Saturday, including an Easter Egg Hunt around the Market Place but I caught up with the Easter Bunny at the ice cream van.
Easter Garden

All thoughts of rabbits were forgotten on Easter Day and although cream eggs kindly supplied by the Mothers' Union and the Vicar's wife were handed out as the congregation left St Mary's Church, the focus of attention was drawn to the Easter Garden designed and created by two girls from the Junior Church.
Ockbrook Wood

Whilst most of the images on this page are from in or very close to the town centre, on Easter Monday we took a short drive to Dale Abbey for a walk around the village and into Hermit's Wood. And at this time of year you can't go to Dale Abbey without also going to Ockbrook Wood to enjoy the wonderful display of bluebells. Of all the woods in the area this is most probably the one with the best and most bountiful display.

Easter of course is a movable feast and can fall in March or April. This year it was about as late as it can be, so late in fact that it coincided with St George's Day on the 23rd, Easter Saturday. St George's flags were flying all around to celebrate and we were also treated to flags (or irises) in our garden which the fine weather had helped to produce the best display we have seen since they were transplanted there.
Shop Windows

The St George's flags were supplemented throughout the week with Union Flags prominently shown in many shop windows as the build up to some wedding or other took place.

Royal Wedding

And just in case you missed it, not that there was much chance of that as it has dominated the TV, radio and newspapers for what seems like an eternity, here are three images captured from the TV screen as the wedding was taking place. So there you have it, I was really spoilt for choice with Easter, St George's Day and a Royal Wedding and there's the May Day Bank Holiday next week but then it'll be a case of waiting for the bus again!

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