Ilkeston - A Man And A Cross
w/e 16 April 2006
All this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

A Man And A Cross

The Ilkeston Area Council of Churches' (IACC) annual Christian Witness, 'A Man And A Cross' took place on Good Friday with a silent procession from the Salvation Army Citadel on Chapel Street to St Thomas' Roman Catholic Church on Nottingham Road. It was led by a solitary drum beat and this panoramic view above shows one of the stops along the way in the Market Place.


The previous stop had been outside Lloyds TSB from where the procession could be seen snaking its way up Bath Street. At each of the stops, the silence of the walkers was broken by the singing of a hymn and a piece of drama featuring a leather jacketed mime artist who can be seen at the right of the panoramic view at the top of the page. I could have added more pictures to this page like the one immediately above but decided, because of the slightly off beat theme of the drama compared to last year's full blown 'Way Of The Cross' in full costume, to look for some more unusual images from this year's event.
Best Ever Value

On the way up Bath Street the procession had passed a shop with a window display declaring 'happy easter' and 'best ever value' - it seems capital letters are at a premium in shop window displays these days! - but whatever the price of the goods, it pales into insignificance compared to what is on offer to everyone just by accepting the free gift that was made available by Christ's death on the cross.
Hymn Sheet

This image from outside Lloyds TSB where Jesus' arrest was portrayed gives a sense of being in with the crowd whilst standing shoulder to shoulder with a total stranger who was willing to share his hymn sheet with a neighbour. The hymn sung here was ' Meekness And Majesty'.
Time For Reflection

Some of the hymns were sung a cappella whilst others were accompanied by a small ensemble from the Salvation Army. The sight of the gathering around the old fountain and the tower of St Mary's Church in this instrument while the trial before Pilate was dramatised was a time for reflection in more ways than one.
The Wondrous Cross

Across the Market Place in the Garden of Remembrance, the Crucifixion was re-enacted with pictures of Jesus pinned to the cross. 'When I Survey The Wondrous Cross' was sung and red material streaming from the cross to signify His blood was draped down the steps. 'Did e'er such love and sorrow meet?'
Christ Crucified

The proceedings concluded in St Thomas' Church with a reading from Isaiah and it seemed quite appropriate that above the packed pews, a figure of Christ crucified looked down as the assembled congregation sang the Negro spiritual 'Where You There When They Crucified My Lord?' (Click title for a midi file courtesy of the Cyber Hymnal) But although that was the end of the proceedings, apart from the tea and biscuits in the Church Hall, it is not of course the end of the story as three days later on Easter Sunday we celebrate the risen Lord.

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