Ilkeston - An Easter Egg-stravaganza
w/e 20 April 2003

Flower Shop

A walk through the town centre revealed Easter bunnies, chicks and eggs in the most unlikely of places last week. This selection were to be seen in the window of a local flower shop.
Market Choice

On the Saturday market, customers were spoilt for choice with a large selection of chocolate eggs.
Mrs June Barker

And in the Erewash Museum, Mrs June Barker (right) was on hand to show her collection of hand decorated eggs to an appreciative audience.
Decorated Eggs

This is just a small part of her collection. The large egg at the back is a rhea's egg and the others are goose eggs. Mrs Barker uses all sorts of odds and ends to decorate the eggs including lace, scraps of wallpaper, broken jewellery, gold thread and old nail varnishes but the end products are just exquisite.
They Open Too 

It is not just the outside of the eggs that are decorated. They all open to reveal some other scene or figures inside. The heart shaped ornament, top right in this composite picture, is actually two eggs joined together.
He Is Risen

Since pagan times the egg has represented the rebirth of the earth. With the advent of Christianity, the egg came to represent the rebirth of man and it was adopted as a symbol of Christ's Resurrection from the tomb. Eggs were among the foods forbidden during Lent, so it was a special treat to have them again at Easter. Here, the representation of the empty tomb and the banner proclaiming "He Is Risen" were among many in the Parish Church of St Mary in the town centre this weekend.

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