Ilkeston - Good Friday Procession (29th March)
w/e 31 March 2002

Bath Street
For a number of years now, the Ilkeston Area Council of Churches (IACC) has organised a Christian witness at Easter. This year it took the form of a silent procession from the Salvation Army Citadel to the Market Place where a short service was held. The procession is seen here shortly after the start on the way up Bath Street.
Beneath The Blossom
The weather at this time of year means that there is always a contingency plan to hold the service indoors but even though Easter is early this year, a warm sun shone down on the walkers as they passed beneath the blossom on the trees outside the Albion Centre.
Albion Centre 
It was here that the procession paused to sing a hymn accompanied by the Salvation Army Band.
The Old Rugged Cross 
This was one of the most moving parts of this year's witness for me as passers-by paused to listen to the voices echoing around the precinct in a heartfelt rendition of "The Old Rugged Cross".
20 Min Photos 
The procession continued up Bath Street passing a shop advertising 20 minute photos. The IACC banner proclaimed "God Is Love" and that is not for 20 minutes but for eternity!
The Pinnacle
As the Christians assembled on the Market Place, there was somewhat of an unusual sight on the tower of St Mary's. In 1910 the tower was rebuilt and the Church Warden, Mr. Harry Simpson, had his initials carved onto the last pinnacle to be put into place to commemorate the event. When cleaning took place in 1973, the pinnacle was found to be unsafe and it was taken down and replaced. A few weeks ago one of the pinnacles was again found to be in a dangerous state, hence the scaffolding while repairs are carried out.

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