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Smisby - Bluebell Arboretum (continued)
w/e 31 January 2021
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

Lockdown restrictions mean, for the time being at least, we can't just jump in the car and visit attractions near and far or have a day out at somewhere like the Bluebell Arboretum. That doesn't stop us looking back at previous outings so here's a random selection of images taken back in June 2018. If you would like to see the earlier images click here. There's a link back to this page from there.

Looking Up

I said this would be a random selection and what could be more random than this shot looking up through the leaves to the clear blue sky above. Yes it was a glorious day when we went to the Bluebell Arboretum.

Although many of the trees, shrubs and other plants are labelled, I didn't make a note of all of them so information is a bit sketchy. I think this however is a white rhododendron.
Mowed Paths

Mowed paths snake through the site but you are free to wander where you will.
Narrow Gaps

Some paths lead through narrow gaps between the trees.
Open Spaces

Others lead to wide open spaces and by streams running through the site.
Purple Tree

This is one where I did make a note of the species - it's the Purple Tree of Heaven.


And I think we all know blossom when we see it.

This is one of several wetland areas and ponds that we passed as we meander through the arboretum.
Fir Tree

There are numerous species of trees and several of them are different kinds of firs.
Splash Of Colour

In June 2018 when we visited the arboretum, we spent some time talking to the owner who recommended visiting in the autumn to see the changing colours. The colours weren't bad then with splashes of bright hues around every corner but we never did make that return visit. Perhaps we should add it to the bucket list for when this dreadful pandemic is over and hope that it will be this year.

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