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Chatsworth House and Gardens - Part 04
w/e 18 April 2020
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

The coronavirus continues as do the lockdown restrictions so unable to travel far from home means that this selection of images concludes the retrospective look at our day out at Chatsworth in October 2007.

High Hedges

Turning away from the Emperor Fountain we followed the path to the Ring Pond and the rock garden beyond. It must be a full time job keeping all these high hedges trimmed!

Joseph Paxton designed many of the gardens at Chatsworth and his rock garden started in 1842 included a waterfall.
Rock Garden

There are many paths up, around and through the rock garden and from one of the higher ones, there is a view back between the high hedges to the Ring Pond.
Picturesque Rocks

Paxton's aim to create "picturesque assemblages of natural rocks" was certainly achieved and the passage of time and nature have only enhanced it.
East Side

Leaving the rock garden and heading back towards the house provides a good view of the east side of the building.


In 2007 there was a temporary exhibition of modern and contemporary sculpture but there are many older sculptures dotted about the grounds like these four.

One of Chatsworth's more celebrated and famous features is the gravity-fed Cascade.
Popular Spot

The foot of the Cascade and another view of the east side of the house make it a "must see" spot for almost every visitor to Chatsworth. As no water is pumped back up the hill, in dry spells the flow of water is restricted.
Box Hedges

On our way back to the house we passed a small (relatively) formal garden with box hedges.

And of course there are a number of large greenhouses to maintain as well as all the gardens and grounds which keep the gardening staff busy all year round. As it's thirteen years sine our day out at Chatsworth, maybe when the lockdown restrictions are lifted, it could be time for a return visit.
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