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Alton Towers - In September 2003
w/e 14 March 2021
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DC280

It's been a wild, wet and windy week and our daily walks have only taken us over the same familiar streets to the same familiar places. So for this selection of images I delved back into the archives for another look at our "Day Out" at Alton Towers in September 2003. It was so long ago that all these photos were taken with my old camera but at least the weather back then, nearly eighteen years ago, was dry, warm and sunny.


Most of our time was spent in the famous gardens but we did see most of the rides including the White Water Rapids.
Roller Coaster

We also passed close to the roller coaster but this was close enough for us.

Our wanderings took us along the veranda and into the conservatory.

The Earl of Shrewsbury engaged architects and they included many statues in their garden designs which remain to this day.
Mature Plants

And of course there are many shrubs, bushes and trees which have now grown to maturity.
Water Spout

Other features in the gardens include several water features such as this dog's head water spout.

Alton Towers

Years ago this was St Peter's Chapel and presumably its architectural style is what led to the name Alton Towers.

As well as all the thrill rides and designed gardens there are also lakes and large areas of parkland within the Alton Towers complex.

But it was in the gardens wandering along the rock lined paths through the many plants, flowers, shrubs and trees, of which there were many conifers where we spent the majority of our visit.

With the fine weather, peaceful gardens and stunning architecture to admire, probably the only thing missing was a Brass Band on the bandstand to complete the visit.

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