Bramcote Hills/Nottingham Canal Circular - Part 03
w/e 18 September 2011
All this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

The third and final section of this circular walk returned us from the railway line southwards to our finish in Bramcote Hills Park but our initial direction was eastwards along the line of the disused Nottingham Canal.

Tree Lined Path

The eastward walk lasted only a matter of a hundred yards or so along this tree lined path.

We soon reached a crossroad in the path and it was here that we turned right to reach Moor Lane.
Moor Lane for Pedestrians

Although called Moor Lane it is little more than a footpath here but we followed it along the entire edge of the Bramcote Hills School playing field in what was becoming an increasingly warm afternoon as the sun beat down.
Moor Lane for Vehicles

Eventually the path widens and Moor Lane is accessible for vehicles but it was here that we turned back to the west in order to reach Bramcote Hills Park again.
Another Footpath

We followed another footpath again for about a hundred yards with Bramcote Hills School up the slope to the left and the playing field on the right. Turning left at the distant hedge line we climbed the slope to enter Bramcote Woods.
Bramcote Woods

Once in the wood, the directions for the walk advised "Take path diagonally right & at finger post follow sign for Walled Garden". Well we never did see the finger post but knowing the direction of the Walled Garden we headed off towards the cliff edge of the sand quarry which is also mentioned in the directions.
Over Coventry Lane

From this vantage point at the edge of the wood, we paused to look back over Coventry Lane towards the Nottingham Canal where we had been walking just a little earlier.
Woodland Track

There are many paths and tracks through the wood and many people were taking advantage of the fine weather to enjoy not only the sunshine but also the shady areas amongst the trees. The directions again said to follow the track straight ahead but as we hadn't seen the finger post anyway, it was just a matter of picking one and following the gentle descent back to our starting place.
Car Park

We soon reached the car park where a van at the end of the path caught our attention.
Mr Whippy Ice Cream

The van in question was selling ice creams so what better way to complete our walk than to sit in the sun a while and enjoy a Mr Whippy cornet before setting off home.
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