Ilkeston - Christmas Decorations
w/e 18 December 2022

All of this week's pictures were taken with a Nikon D3300

A couple of weeks ago we took a walk through town and photographed some of the Council erected Christmas lights. The images below also show decorations but these are from commercial and privately owned premises finishing with from a couple from church..

Nene's Kitchen

Many people put Advent wreathes on their door but Nene's Kitchen in the recently opened Bar and Bistro in the former Ritz Cinema and later Bingo Hall building on South Street have also surrounded the door with decorations.

Legs Wine Bar

Across the road in the Legs Wine Bar, where we regularly enjoy a coffee and delicious lemon muffin, the walls and ceiling were festooned with baubles and garlands.
Inflatables By Day

Inflatables are becoming more and more apparent as Christmas approaches. These penguins were seen during daylight hours.
Inflatables By Night

And these illuminated inflatables were seen as darkness fell.
Draped House

Also on an evening walk we spotted this house draped with twinkling lights. I say "spotted" but it would be hard to miss really.
Kensington Gardens

On Kensington Gardens, the residents had really gone to town with lights on both sides of the road and also wound around lighting columns and telegraph poles.
Sparkling Deer

This is a closer look at one of the properties with not only lights on the front and side but also sparkling deer on the roof.
On Scaffolding

Another property on the street has even erected scaffolding to cater for their decorations. I like to refer to this one as the "Pyramid" although I suppose "Maypole" would also be a good description.
In Church

On Saturday we attended the Carol Service in St Mary's which has been beautifully decorated throughout. Here are just three images from the church showing a white Christmas tree on the font, a traditional tree and Advent wreath at the foot of the pulpit and one of the purpose made wreathes by the Churchwarden that were hung on all the pillars either side of the main aisle.
Grinch & Elf

As we left church we met the Grinch and an elf who were just returning from the Market Place after publicising a Bazaar that was being held in the adjacent Cantelupe Centre.

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