Derby - Decorations
w/e 19 December 2021

All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

We had a bit of pre-Christmas shopping to do in Derby so thought we'd have a look at the decorations whilst there.

The Spot

We walked through the Derbion where many of the shops were decorated and there is a huge artificial tree that spans two floors but it was the general street decorations we were after so the first photo was at The Spot.
St Peter's Church

There was not much else to be seen until we reach St Peter's Church where flashing lights adorned the roof of the refreshments kiosk.
Corn Market

Very few of the lights strung across the streets were lit but there were more twinkling lights on the German Sausages kiosk at the end of Corn Market.
Iron Gate

Continuing through the Corn Market and past the Market Place we headed towards the cathedral along Iron Gate and found that a number of lights strung across the road were actually illuminated.
Sleeping Beauty

We returned via Full Street to the Market Place. On a temporary fence was a large poster advertising the Sleeping Beauty pantomime in the Derby Arena.
Festive Market

There were more posters on the fence which was surrounding a number of cabins housing the Festive Market. The signs also indicated that entry to the market was free.
Christmas Boxes

A number of coloured Christmas "Boxes" surround the entrance but we'd obviously chosen to wrong time to visit as the market was closed.
Eagle Market

Instead we returned to the Derbion and made our way to the Eagle Market.
Market Stalls

The stall holders weren't doing particularly well as there were very few people about but at least the aisles and the stalls had been decorated with lights and tinsel.

Christmas Tree

And in the central open space in the market there stood a Christmas Tree. Although I'm Derbyshire born and bred and even allowing for the pandemic, I regret to say the if I were to describe the decorations in the county town this year in one word, then it would have to be "disappointing".

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