Ilkeston - Friday Night Lights
w/e 02 December 2018
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

By the Christmas TreeMArket StallsAs November drew to a close and with the start of Advent just a couple of days away, it was time for Ilkeston's Christmas Lights to be switched on. On Friday morning the tree (left) which had been erected by the Cenotaph a few days earlier had been draped with strings of coloured lights and on the Lower Market a line of empty stalls (right) stood waiting to be occupied.

Market Place

As darkness fell the tree still stood bereft of light although the Market Place had been filled with fairground rides and other amusements and as 7 o'clock approached the crowds gathered around the Town Hall.
Firework Display

When the Mayor of Erewash flicked the switch to bring the illuminations to life, the roof of the Town Hall erupted with a firework display similar to the one at the opening of the Annual Charter Fair but as that one was at midday, this one was much more visible.

Santa emerged from the Town Hall and proved a popular figure handing sweets out to the children.
Model Figures

Meanwhile a Santa twin was siting in his cabin just a few steps away to greet more children as they queued to tell him their Christmas wishes. Outside various model figures including one of the man himself were grouped around the entrance.
Stilt Walkers

And even one of the obligatory stilt walkers that seem to be present at all events such as this in the town centre had donned a Santa costume while his partner was dressed as a reindeer.

Those empty market stalls on the Lower Market Place had now been occupied by various groups and organisations fund raising for various good causes.
Bath Street

The lights were on all the way down Bath Street with security standing guard to prevent any random vehicles trying to access the town centre.
Lower Market Place

A light shower meant a few people left the party early but many still stayed to enjoy the attractions.

Attractions that included a Little (as opposed to Big) Wheel for the children.
Christmas Tree

And at last the tree by the Cenotaph was brightly lit to herald the start of Advent and the build up to Christmas.

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