Nottingham - A Christmas Wonderland
w/e 14 December 2014
All this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

So what constitutes a Christmas Wonderland? Well in Nottingham it means the Old Market Square is taken over by a number of stalls and entertainments but it also stretches beyond the square into the surrounding streets in the city centre.

A Christmas Wonderland

The Council House decorated with coloured lights provides the backdrop to this entrance to the Wonderland which features a large Christmas Tree in the middle of the Old Market Square.
Line of Cabins

A row of decorated and "snow" covered cabins selling a variety of Christmas wares lines one side of the square.
Ice Rink

Most of the central part of the Old Market Square is taken up by an ice rink where skaters can waltz around the Christmas Tree, some aided by thigh-high penguins for support. I think I would need stabilisers as well!
Candy Stick Cabin

Hot Chocolate DrinksTwo SnowmenHot chocolate drinks (left) are on sale from one of the cabins and no doubt they help warm up the skaters after their session on the ice. Two giant snowmen (right) stand sentinel at the entrance to more (and stronger) refreshments and another cabin in front of the Council House is decorated with large candy canes. Notice too the small shed on the extreme right of the image above.

The shed contains a nativity scene but the doors were closed and the only views were through the windows. Although in a prominent position in front of the Council House, it looks just like a garden shed and could easily be missed. The mannequins representing the various figures were dressed in robes so that it was easy to distinguish who they represented but why the doll in the crib was wearing a modern babygrow is beyond my comprehension. The organisers of Nottingham's Christmas Wonderland have in the most, done an excellent job but what should be at the centre of all Christmas celebrations seemed to me to be an embarrassment and a bit of an afterthought here.
The Exchange

Under the Council House in The Exchange the decorations as usual have been very tastefully done and the quiet arcade offers a relatively peaceful recluse from all the excitement and bustle outside.
Fairground Rides

Parallel to the The Exchange outside the Council House the hustle and bustle is apparent as shoppers and merry-makers go about their business among the fairground rides and more cabins selling Christmassy goods.
Street Trader

It is not only from the cabins that goods are being offered and regular street traders also have a selection on offer. This one had a number of bags on display to aid with the wrapping of presents.
Christmas Jumpers

Not far away another stall had a large selection of Christmas jumpers with various Christmas and winter themes and yes, the gentleman with the dog did have a live owl perched on his shoulder. The bear on the novelty hat worn by another stall holder he was talking to however was not real!
Theatre Royal

Many more events are taking place in Nottingham in the lead up to Christmas including exhibitions, carol singing, lights on the trees in the Arboretum, a Vintage Fair, informative talks and you can add a pantomime at the Theatre Royal to that. Other pantomimes and venues are available. I'm not sure the sky was as blue as it appears here as the light was probably being filtered through the bus window as we left the city but taken as a whole then, this is what passes for a Christmas Wonderland in Nottingham.

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