Derby - City Streets
w/e 20 December 2009
All this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

St Peter's Street

Since the beginning of November and throughout Advent most of the images on this site have featured some indication of Christmas and this page is no exception. We've already visited the German Market in Nottingham and seen a Craft and Food Fayre at the Denby Pottery Visitor Centre as well as all the decorations and lights in Ilkeston so this time, in the week before Christmas, we took a trip into Derby to wander through the city centre streets to see what they had to offer. As we mingled with the shoppers this was the view towards The Cornmarket along St Peter's Street.
Albion Street

We would soon be on The Cornmarket but made our way there by passing through the Westfield Centre leaving by Albion Street where a market trader had a good display of holly wreathes for sale.
Carols By Bagpipes

Continuing along Exchange Street we were treated to the sound of bagpipes and instead of the usual Scottish Airs, the piper was playing a selection of Christmas carols.
Decorating The Window

As we turned into Albert Street, still with the sound of bagpipes echoing behind us, we noticed a rather innovative window display where a Father Christmas was ascending a rickety looking ladder to complete his decorations. Hope he doesn't tumble off and has to cancel his Christmas Eve run!
The Cornmarket

On reaching The Cornmarket, a traditional greeting was spelt out in large letters between the buildings and further on across the mouth of Iron Gate the same greeting was repeated.
Market Place

Before reaching Iron Gate though we stopped at the Market Place where several attractions have been added for Christmas including a tree, a carousel, a Nativity scene, decorations on the lighting columns and the Christmas Playground.
Christmas Playground

The Christmas Playground is actually a collection of wooden toy sculptures carved by local sculptor Andrew Frost (any relation to Jack?) and according to the advertising blurb, children will be encouraged "to climb aboard and let their imagination run wild."
Derby Cathedral

We completed our walk through Derby's city streets at the far end of Iron Gate where the 64.8 metre tower dwarfed the Christmas tree at its foot. In any other location the tree would have looked a quite substantial addition to the landscape but it is appropriate as Christmas day approaches that the Cathedral remains the focus of attention.

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