Ilkeston - As Darkness Falls
w/e 13 December 2009
All this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

South Street

The images on this page were taken on two consecutive days as can be seen by the different conditions underfoot - wet on some and dry on the others - but they are ordered to simulate a route through the Market Place into Bath Street from this position on South Street near the start of the Christmas lights.
Wharncliffe Road

From a position on the Market Place looking along Wharncliffe Road, one of the flashing blue lights strung between the Town Hall and the Co-Op makes an interesting alternative to the usual view of the green spire on the United Reformed Church.
Season's Greetings

The Town Hall of course has the usual "Season's Greetings" sign but this image gives a much clearer view of the building than the one taken a few weeks ago from the jostling crowd when the lights were switched on.
Sir John Warren

There are delicate lights in the trees around the old Horse Trough and Fountain in the north west corner on the Market Place but it is those illuminating the sign of the Sir John Warren that shine the brightest.
From East Street

The Lower Market Place is devoid of Christmas lights but from the entrance into East Street where a star shines brightly, those on the Market Place are still visible.
Bath Street

The whole of Bath Street has blue lights criss-crossing all the way down the hill and many of the shop windows are also sporting festive decorations.
Albion Precinct

The Albion Centre precinct off Bath Street has also been enhanced with lights attached to the overhanging roof plus holly wreathes along its length.
Bath Street Again

From near to the entrance to the Albion Centre the blue lights can be seen continuing down Bath Street. When I captured these images there were only a few people about but during the daylight hours on Saturday when the lights were still switched on, all the streets and shops were packed as people continued their preparations for Christmas. Who said there was a recession?

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