Ilkeston - Christmas Is Coming
w/e 08 November 2009
All this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

Card Factory

Christmas is coming and I'm not sure whether the goose is getting fat or not but there are plenty of signs to be seen of the upcoming festive season. Christmas cards were on sale in this shop in the Albion Centre as early as August. That's far too early in the year in my opinion and now the whole of the front of the shop has nothing on display apart from Christmas produce.
Coiled Lights

The Christmas lights started to go up whilst the annual Charter Fair was in town during October but the erection seemed to have stalled last week with coils of wires and bulbs suspended high on Bath Street.
Festive Fare

In Greggs shop window there are plenty of mince pies and other festive fare displayed for sale even though it's only the beginning of November.

Across the road in John's News, the usual magazines and jars of mouthwatering sweets have been supplemented by 2010 calendars and and annuals such as the Dandy, Beano, The Broons and The Fireside and Friendship books but it was the sight of the new Rupert the Bear annual that really took me back to my childhood days. Christmas wasn't Christmas without the Rupert annual!

Between the showers on Wednesday, there were still signs of Christmas with an A-board outside The Charter, a pub in the converted building of the former main Post Office, that said that bookings are being taken even though it was half day closing and there were only a few people about.
South Street Decorations

Nearby at the side of the library a couple of days later, I happened to be in the right place at the right time to see some of the decorations that were later strung across South Street.
Market Place Trees

The men erecting the decorations and also stringing lights on the trees at the side of the Market Place had been conspicuous by their absence all week hence the coils seen on Bath Street earlier, but true to form they turned up when the Friday market was taking place. Two two-men teams were operating from similar vehicles but I caught them here in conference as they decided their next move reminding me of the old joke about how many electricians it takes to change a light bulb.
On The Menu

So Christmas is coming and although there's still about seven weeks to go, turkey is already on the menu as can be seen here through the door at the Co-Op. Perry Como sang "I wish it could be Christmas forever, I wish that glow would never fade away!" but I think I can resist the temptations of Turkey Baguettes or Paninis and even Viennese Mice Pies for a little while longer.

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