Ilkeston - Christmas Lights
w/e 07 December 2003

Bath Street

When the lights were switched on a couple of weeks ago, it was a foggy evening and they didn't show up too well. Since then clearer nights have enabled the lights to be seen to much better effect. Here from the bottom of Heanor Road, the strings of lights climbing the hill up Bath Street to the Market Place make quite an impressive view to anyone approaching the town from the north.
Animated Snowman

This animated display across Wharncliffe Road between the Co-op and the Town Hall shows the Christmas Cracker being pulled apart to reveal a waving snowman.
Main Christmas Tree

Outside the festively decorated library, the town's main Christmas tree stands at one end of the Market Place. A carol service is usually held here each year.
By The Fountain

At the opposite end of the Market Place by the old drinking fountain and horse trough is another equally attractive tree.
 St Mary's Church

 St Mary's Church overlooks the eastern side of the Market Place and here simple floodlighting and lights of a single colour in the trees make for a tasteful display.

From the Lower Market Place, St Mary's on the left, the lights on the Town Hall stand out brightly. Local councillors often come in for criticsm for some of the decisions they take, but it is only fair to give them credit for Ilkeston's Christmas lights this year. They are as good, if not better, than they have ever been.

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