Ilkeston - 'Twas The Weekend Before Christmas ...
w/e 22 December 2002

Shoppers on Bath Street

.... And all through the town, shoppers were tracking those last presents down. Yes, here on Bath Street all day on Saturday, the local population was out in force making final preparations for Christmas.
The Lower Market Place

The Market Place too was a hive of activity and the cold damp weather did not act as much of a deterrent.
Oh no, not socks again!

Traders on the Market Place were doing brisk business, the recipients of presents from this stall no doubt to be heard muttering that immortal phrase come Christmas Day of "Oh no, not socks again!"
Greetings Cards

Greetings cards from Ilkeston and other local communities were on display in a local newsagent's shop window amid jars of sweets and boxes of chocolates although it's probably too late now to catch the post for delivery before Christmas.
Holly Wreath Tributes

But not everyone was just out shopping. Many also made the time to visit cemeteries and crematoria to leave holly wreaths in memory of loved ones. This scene above of the tribute lined pathways was at Markeaton Crematorium near Derby.
St Helen's Church, Trowell

Amid all the hustle and bustle, hurly and burly, the reason for all the festivities was not forgotten as many Carol Services were held in local churches and chapels. Here the lights shine out from the windows of St Helen's Church, Trowell below the tastefully decorated tree in the churchyard on Sunday evening.

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