Long Eaton - Carnival 2022
w/e 19 June 2022

All of this week's pictures were taken with a Nikon D3300

Long Eaton Carnival 2022

Friday had been the hottest day of the year so far with bright blue clear skies and scorching sunshine. Sunday was cooler and cloudy but on Saturday around about lunchtime as the Long Eaton Carnival Parade passed through the town centre, it was a little damp!

Balloon Salesmen

As we joined the crowd as it began to assemble near The Green about ten minutes before the parade was due to arrive, two balloon salesmen came quickly striding past. (They put me in mind of that famous line from the Morecambe and Wise sketch "He won't sell many ice creams at that speed.)

They were soon followed by a clown on a scooter who, armed with a megaphone and portable speaker, began to engage with the crowd by talking to people and playing music.
Ambassadors Showband

The clown was soon followed (along with the rain) by the parade and at the forefront of the procession was the Ambassadors Showband from Derby.
Sea Cadets

The band was closely followed by the Long Eaton Sea Cadets and representatives of the Royal British Legion.

Next came a succession of large lorries (floats) filled by various groups and organisations. This one was, as the name suggests, full of Brownies.
Theatre Groups

Various drama and theatre groups were also represented in the parade including the Riverside Drama Company (left), the Erewash Musical Society Youth Group (top) and the Erewash Musical Society (bottom), the latter two both advertising future production due to be held at the Duchess Theatre in the town.
Long Eaton Rugby

Sport was also represented and this float and a large contingent behind were representing all age groups of Long Eaton Rugby.
Canaan Trust

The Canaan Trust, an independent Christian Charity that provides safe secure and healthy supported accommodation for the homeless had a float promoting their work and volunteers were also distributing leaflets highlighting their work.

Hazza is a Children's Entertainment and Event Specialist based in Long Eaton and their float was colourfully decked with numerous balloons and fun characters.

Another large contingent were from Vibez Danceworks, a dance studio located in the town that provides dance classes for all age groups and many different dance styles.

Military Vehicle

The parade was brought to an end with a selection of large military vehicles some of which bore stickers for the SAS Car Wash (see also the image at the top of this page showing Sponge Bob Square Pants). From here the parade continued to West Park, from where it had started, for an afternoon of fun activities. Just a shame the weather wasn't more favourable but there's always next year.

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