Ilkeston - Carnival 2008
w/e 22 June 2008
All this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

I nearly missed the Carnival this year. It was on Saturday 14th June but I hadn't seen it publicised anywhere and even when I did find out about it I only just made it into the town centre in time to see the parade.

Co-Op Float

Long Eaton Millitaires And I was quite surprised too for the procession was longer than in recent years and included two marching bands, the Long Eaton Militaires (left) and the Breaston Highlanders (right) plus four large lorries sporting colourful displays and numerous other people in fancy dress or uniform. The float sponsored by Ilkeston Co-Op (above) was judged to be the best on display.
More Floats

It must have been a difficult task for the judges as the three other floats were also full of colour and accompanied by loud music. The Pop Divas, the 4th Ilkeston Scout Group and Bumper and Squeak from AMF Bowling were all worthy runners-up.
Classic Vehicles

The parade was supplemented by a number of classic vehicles that included sports and saloon cars, motor cycles and even an old Midland General bus. They all proceeded to the Rec where they lined up to be inspected and admired by all.
On The Rec

And it was at the Rec where another surprise was in store. This was the view that greeted everyone who arrived via the Oakwell Drive entrance and shows that hundreds, nay thousands, of people had turned up to enjoy the entertainment on offer.
Miniature Railway

Not only was the parade larger than in recent years but there was also much more on offer to attract the crowds including this miniature railway that proved very popular with the younger generation.
Twisted Golf

Nearby a variation of crazy golf called Twisted Golf tempted several budding Tiger Woods to try their skill.
Fun And Games

A small funfair, events and displays all afternoon in the main arena and more games of skill added to the carnival atmosphere. The whole event was organised by the Ilkeston Lions and they must be complimented on their achievements. Two years ago the carnival had to be cancelled but it is now back bigger and better than ever. If the rate of improvement can be continued it will soon be rivalling the carnivals still fondly remembered from the 1940s and 50s.
Happy People

The main reason for the carnival these days is to raise money for local charities and what better way to do than to provide fun and entertainment at the same time. As well as the attractions already mentioned there was also a dog show, various stalls and a variety of other displays and side shows and if these smiles are anything to go by it was a huge success. Well done to the Lions.

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