Ilkeston - A Virtual Carnival
w/e 10 June 2012
All this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490 unless otherwise stated.
A Virtual Carnival

Anyone who saw the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Regatta last weekend will have an idea of the weather conditions that have been experienced across the UK during the last week and if you didn't see it, then "wet and windy" sums it up. It has been so wet that unfortunately, to the disappointment of many, Ilkeston's Carnival scheduled for Saturday 9th had to be cancelled on Friday. Whilst the weather did show an improvement on Saturday, the street parade was also cancelled. That left me with a bit of a problem as I was counting on the Carnival for the images for this page so instead, I've taken a retrospective view of some previous year's carnivals and come up with "A Virtual Carnival" for 2012.

Long Eaton Militaires

The carnival procession is normally led by a marching band, the Long Eaton Militaires usually being prominent among them as they were in 2002 when this image was captured. (Kodak DC280)
Bath Street

Before going to the recreation ground for the end of the procession and the rest of the organised events, I usually station myself somewhere along the route to catch the procession passing by. In 2010 I was at the bottom of Bath Street to capture this image of the floats and lorries climbing the hill between the crowds of onlookers.
Easy Rider

Three years earlier in 2007, I had been near the top of the hill when this vehicle like something out the film "Easy Rider" passed by.
Hitching A Ride

Another "easy rider" made short work of the hill as he hitched a ride in 2008 on the Lower Market Place. It reminds me of the classic Michael Crawford sketch as Frank Spencer in "Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em" - link.
101 Dalmations

After passing though the Market Place into South Street, the floats turn into Queen's Drive which is where I caught this one with a "101 Dalmations" theme in 2005.
On The Rec

This scene shows how the event was staged on the rec in 2004 and also illustrates why it would have been impractical to hold the event there this weekend on the waterlogged ground. Thousands of people and numerous vehicles would have turned the ground into a quagmire more akin to the Glastonbury Music Festival! (Kodak DC280)
Vehicles Galore

A similar scene from 2011 shows where the floats stop to disgorge their fancy dressed occupants along with other miscellaneous vehicles parked nearby.
Balloon Man

In 2005 a man selling balloons was popular but if he had been there in 2012, the wind would have probably lifted him off the ground.

Among all the stalls raising money for their various charities, many displays are usually staged in the central arena and in 2002, Knights in armour and archers exhibited their skills. This image is also interesting as it shows a corner of the old cricket scoreboard which has since been demolished. (Kodak DC280)
The Crowd

Overlooking the central arena this crowd of people had assembled in 2008 to enjoy the events in the fine weather. It is such a disappointment for all those who had organised this year's Carnival that another crowd could not gather to be entertained in the same way and raise a substantial amount for may charitable causes in the process. Such are the vagaries of a British summer.

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