Ilkeston - Spring Has Sprung!
w/e 16 March 2003

Bristol Road

Despite a cool easterly wind, three days of clear skies and almost wall to wall sunshine gave Ilkeston a definite spring like feeling. Passers-by were treated to views like this but residents of Bristol Road overlooking Victoria Park had the luxury of seeing the blossom on the trees and the beds of crocuses from their own homes.
At Ground Level

Just by crossing the road, they could also delight in a much closer ground level view of the flowers.
Chaucer Old Park

At Chaucer Old Park too, ('Illy 'Oleys) more clumps of these pretty spring flowers surrounded a sentry-like row of trees like a fall of autumn leaves along the edge of Cantelupe Road.
Narcissi Family 

But the season wouldn't be the same without the narcissi family. These were on The Triangle.
The Triangle

There are many other places in the town were daffodils and narcissi are coming into flower but these on The Triangle are among the first to burst their buds.
Victoria Park

And back at Victoria Park a variety of the season's blooms intermingled and combined to provide perhaps the most colourful display in town this weekend.

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